One only must look at certain famous people and see that they were dreamers. People who dreamed and dreamed until they got to where they wished to go. People like; Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln. Then there was Michelangelo who could make the impossible possible in his painting of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, he had to see the unseen as a visualization in his mind. Also, there was Martin Luther King, who dreamed the impossible that there would be equality in America. This year a Black President was sworn in for a second term as President of the united states. President Kennedy one daydreamed that a man would land on the moon. There are many more.

Only an hour before, some hunters in Madison had just broken the previous record of 697.5 pounds with a 723.5-pound alligator, only to quickly give up that title! Sunday night was busy, but Saturday night also saw a couple of Mississippi state alligator records broken. A group of hunters killed the longest and heaviest female alligator measuring 10 feet long and weighing 295.3 pounds.

In that case, we should look at the shoreline of all of America, and then we will find that because of what we know now about super storms like hurricane Katrina and Sandy, that we probably should have never allowed the building of communities so close to the ocean.

Coupled with the low number of home sales, is the report out by business insider that the shadow inventory of homes not on the market is back to levels not seen since the housing crisis began.

The iPad 2 is at this time delivered with new iOS, that is a similar operating system to prior iOS versions. The past system on “iPod touch” had some issues related to graphics, activating and connecting to some cellular networks, authenticating with some enterprise internet products and services. The program fixed with these problems. A more recent edition four or. Two is also out there and could be downloaded from instore when an account is developed with instore.